Stream with VideoCrypt's Video on Demand

Allow anyone to watch the on-demand video with complete control over video playback. Securely stream videos using Multi DRM technologies with flawless streaming through AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaLive.


Support Media Formats

VOD supports multiple media formats, including MP4, MPEG-DASH, H.264 & H.265.


Monetization Modules

Grow ROI, using SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD modules to monetize your video streaming content.


Multi-screen Content Delivery

Stream premium videos on any device with Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems.


Video Analytics

Know the performance of videos with exact video minutes using a real-time video analytics dashboard.

Standout Points of VideoCrypt's VOD

Captivate your audience by streaming on-demand content on various devices, including mobile and desktop.

We Bring To You

  • Anti-capture, dynamic watermarking, and token-based authorization.
  • Immersive video viewing experience with multi-device compatibility.
  • A User-friendly video analytics dashboard to know about the user behaviour.
  • Upload videos in bulk to deploy multiple videos simultaneously.
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Key Highlights of our Video on Demand Platform

VOD Transcoding


VideoCrypt assists in transcoding files to support HD or 4K - UHD video streaming with AWS MediaCovert. Here, a digital audio & video file is transcoded into various output formats and codecs.

VideoCrypt CMS


Upload, manage and publish video content online with our video CMS using encoding and transcoding service. It enables digital content creators and publishers to securely manage and store their content via Amazon S3.

Global CDN


Our VOD platform uses Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery network, to deliver your video content easily with low latency and high transfer speed across the globe.

Live to VOD


Convert live videos to the on-demand content and store it automatically to provide an immersive experience to the viewers who can access this content later as per their requirement.

Secure Video Delivery


It is crucial to implement robust security to protect premium content from unauthorized access or piracy using adaptive bitrate streaming, anti-capture, token-based authorization, and visible watermarking which provides 100% security for video delivery.



Customize according to your business' requirements. Give your users on-demand video content access and personalized suggestions based on their video viewing preferences.

Why Choose VideoCrypt's VOD Platform?

ideoCrypt VOD is an all-in-one solution to provide the next level on-demand video viewing experience using Amazon CloudFront. A digital content creator or a streaming business can avail of our expertise to develop an 100% customizable VOD platform that is compatible to work on Android, iOS, and Windows OS. This platform helps digital content creators or streaming businesses to stream videos in UHD - 4K Quality with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and AWS Elemental Mediapackages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can make a playlist for your Video on Demand (VOD) files using a simple-to-use video CMS. This CMS will help you arrange files of your VOD. You can make a playlist of your VOD files according to the choice of your users ascertained through the in-build real-time user analytics.
OTTs allow all users to stream live video content over the internet, instead of using traditional broadcast through TVs. On the other hand, VOD uses all these platforms (Internet | Cable | Satellite) based on the user providers' choice.
Yes it is possible for you to stream on-demand video content with VideoCrypt's VOD platform. You can do streaming with SD and HD quality videos and on various devices, including Android and iOS devices.
Some factors you should definitely consider while selecting a VOD platform is checking its compatibility, cost, features, and 24/7 technical support. Moreover, UI and UX are also a considerable factor while choosing a VOD platform.