AWS Pricing

AWS pricing is a tailored pricing structure that aligns with the need of eligible customers to leverage AWS cloud products.

Features and Benefits of AWS Pricing with VideoCrypt

  • Cloud-based services at pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No up-front cost required
  • Doesn't support long-term contracts
  • No complex licensing
  • Price calculator to estimate the cost
  • No termination fees
  • Volume based discounts
  • Transparent pricing-view prices per service

How AWS Pricing Works with VideoCrypt?

aws-pricing-calculatorAWS Pricing Calculator

Use our price calculator to assess the cost of AWS products and services

add-servicesStep 1:

Incorporate and add required AWS offerings

configure-serviceStep 2:

Calculate the service charge by providing the usage details

estimate-totalsStep 3:

View the total estimated cost per service and totals

Manage Cloud Finances With VideoCrypt

Track and Report Usage Data
Track and Report Usage Data

Scale up and down resources according to real-time business requirements. A customer can visualize and analyze the cloud services usage and cost involved in a single pane of glass to present data(s) from multiple sources in a unified way.

Easily Manage Bills and Control Cost Easily Manage Bills and Control Cost

Every business needs a simple way through which it can access AWS billing information and get its unified view. It will help to consolidate bills and leverage volume discounts for aggregate usage of the cloud-based AWS services.

Flexible Forecasting and Budgeting
Flexible Forecasting and Budgeting

Migrating to the cloud to modernize workloads requires an organization to adopt a forecasting and budgeting process. AWS enables all organizations to forecast the cost involved and usage history to set the threshold limit.

Optimize Price and Resources
Optimize Price and Resources

AWS offers recommendations for resource and price optimization so that all users can take control of cost and resources. All users have a variety of AWS private pricing options to design their purchases to meet a specific concurrent customer limit.

Benefits of AWS Cost Optimization

  • Access our Expertise

    Our cloud consultants offer proactive on-call support to provide you with actionable recommendations to make informed decisions to scale and manage the performance and cost of AWS services.

  • Optimize AWS Usage

    Optimize your resources to control cloud expenses by monitoring the AWS environment to avoid AWS cloud wastage. We help to avoid underutilized and redundant resources by identifying them.

  • Reduce Cost

    To ensure a successful business, our cloud consultants and experts provide effective suggestions to make your organization successful by enhancing its performance and maximizing its ROI.

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  • Video Packaging
  • MediaPackage

  • Particulars
  • MediaPackage
  • Discount
  • Up to 70% discount*

  • *Terms and conditions apply

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  • Transcoding
  • MediaConvert

  • Plans
  • MediaConvert Pro
  • MediaConvert Barle
  • Discount
  • Up to 50% discount*
  • Up to 45% discount*

  • *Terms and conditions apply

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  • Broadcasting Channel
  • MediaLive

  • Plans
  • On demand
  • Reserved
  • Discount
  • Up to 70% discount*
  • Up to 30% discount*

  • *Terms and conditions apply

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  • Bandwidth
  • CloudFront(CDN)

  • Per Month
  • First 10TB
  • Next 50TB
  • Next 150TB
  • Next 250TB
  • Next 500TB
  • Next 750TB
  • Over 1PB
  • Pricing
  • $0.109 $0.0545
  • $0.085 $0.0436
  • $0.082 $0.0327
  • $0.080 $0.0273
  • $0.78$0.0218
  • $0.075$0.0164
  • $0.72$0.0109
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  • Overall Billing
  • Overall Billing on AWS

  • Particulars
  • Overall Billing on AWS
  • Discount
  • Up to 20% discount*                           

  • *Terms and conditions apply

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  • Private Pricing
  • If you are looking for AWS Private Pricing then feel free to contact us.

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Get a Price Estimate Now!

Estimate the cost of AWS products and services through our AWS pricing calculator. It will help you to know the cost of different AWS cloud services. Moreover, you can also visit our official AWS Product and Service Pricing page to get more information about AWS S3 Pricing, AWS EC2 Pricing, and other services.


Frequently Asked Questions

The three AWS pricing options are
  • On-Demand: A user needs to pay for computing capacity per hour or second.
  • Spot Instances: A user should request a spare computing capacity and use it for free (almost).
  • Dedicated Hosts: A user pays only for an active dedicated host without considering the quality or size of the launch.
Amazon EC2 pricing model is one of the most cost-efficient pricing that allows users to pay for what they use and it has four pricing models: On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, and Dedicated Hosts.
No, AWS doesn't have a fixed pricing model, and every AWS service is priced independently. Here, a user only needs to choose and pay exactly for the service they need.