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All-in-One Live Streaming Platform

Experience real-time engagement and increased audience reach with our all-in-one Live Streaming Platform using the AWS Elemental CloudFront. Stream live videos in HD - 720p and UHD - 4K quality to drive more engagement to your platform, which is secured with multi-DRM and watermarking.

Low Latency Streaming
Low Latency Streaming

Get latency as low as 2-3 seconds, enabling live streaming in real-time.

Record Live Streams
Record Live Streams

Record live streaming, save it on Amazon S3, and later use it as VOD content.

Play on Any Device
Play on Any Device

Live stream flawlessly on various devices including, mobile, tablet, & smart TV.

Support HLS & DASH
Support HLS & DASH

Supports various streaming protocols, including HLS, MPEG-DASH, H.264, and H.265.

Spotlights of our Live Streaming Platform

Broadcast live streaming content with zero buffering in high quality with content delivery on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, smart TV, tablets, etc.


We Bring To You

  • Boost user engagement & ROI with the metrics dashboard of a live streaming platform.
  • Securely upload videos with encrypted file transfer to avoid any cyber threats.
  • Connect with users & engage them in real-time with polls and live chat.
  • Streaming live videos is now easy with an HD-quality live streaming platform.

Highlights of Our Live Streaming Software

Interact with ViewersInteract with Viewers

Interact with the viewers in real-time to enhance the video reach and engagement. Enable digital content creators to provide a personalized experience to their audiences and collaborative live streams.

Player SDKPlayer SDK

Control video playback and quality of streams using the player SDK service to live stream in full HD. Use this feature-rich SDK to give an immersive experience to viewers, ensuring a high quality streaming.

High-Quality VideosHigh-Quality Videos

Stream live videos in high resolutions, such as HD-720p. Full HD-1080p or UHD-4K gives a TV-like viewing experience by making videos drive more revenue, regardless of the screen they are broadcasted on.

Global CDNGlobal CDN

Deliver video content flawlessly using 450+ PoPs and leverage automated network mapping through Amazon CloudFront. Some of its main features are regional edge caching, intelligent routing, and real-time logs.

Video SecurityVideo Security

Prevent content piracy with multi-DRM security and watermarking to secure content from unauthorized users. Moreover, advanced security measures like token-based authorization and multi-tier security protocols are also used. 

Buffer Free StreamingBuffer Free Streaming

Give a seamless experience to a global audience with zero interruption due to buffering by optimizing the video encoding, SD & HD playback, and a hassle-free video content delivery.  

Why Choose VideoCrypt live streaming services?

Get a smooth and incredible all-in-one live streaming platform to stream all your live videos without any hassle. Enjoy your video streaming quality (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, or UHD-4K) through AWS Elemental MediaLive to enable your streams to drive more engagement with low latency and real-time Q&As. It empowers individuals & organizations to broadcast live events, presentations, webinars, real-time social streaming, etc. Deliver content with latency as low as 2-3 seconds on our live streaming platform through Amazon CloudFront (Global CDN).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, with AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaConvert it is completely safe to stream live. In addition, our live streaming platform makes it safer using the multi-DRM protection service. It especially allows you to keep your videos out of the reach of all unauthorized users.
Interactive live streams enhance real-time engagement between streamer and audience. The best way to make live streams more interactive is through Amazon IVS. Streaming in HD quality by adding the live chat feature along with live streaming can also make a video more interactive for the viewers to enhance their experience.
Yes, it is possible to privately stream videos in HD or UHD - 4K quality with our live streaming platform. You will receive a piracy option to control who can see your videos. In addition, you can simply avoid sharing the live streaming link in public to limit the number of viewers.
Live streaming platform works by enabling you to effectively stream live videos. Some of the main steps that make live streaming possible include video capture/recording, compression, encoding, CDN distribution, Decoding, and Video Playback.
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